These TOP 25 Nastiest Food Will Make You Run For Your Life!!

Buzzers, We all love foods!!There is even a saying to steal a Man’s heart, all you need is to serve a good food! This makes lots of girls trying so hard to impress their men by cooking a great food (according to them!!).But, what if this Lovey dovey foods didn’t turn out as expected??Will you still eat it?Or you just run away and safe your life? Second option seems more reasonable right…well thankfully I have never been in that situation but here is 25 images of nastiest foods which are worst than military rations (MRE)!!

1. When you order a cake with extra chocolate sprinkled on top but the result looks like “cat poop”…

2. When your girlfriend works in nursing home…

3. Republican party approved it…

4. When your girlfriend said, ” Honey I decorated the salad with your face on it…” hmm “do I look that scary?”

5. When your girlfriend is not even a human and can’t make a “human” food…

6. Looking at her “radioactive” cooking…this is where I can change into a green slime monster!!

7. When you ask your girlfriend for a french fries and friend eggs…but her mind said “Your boyfriend is too fat now”.

8. This is a spoiler for a movie #savingprivateryan

9. This pie my girlfriend just made seems to tell you become like me!!

10. After this post Donald trump approved Japanese workers to remain in the US..

11. When you ask for a banana and your girlfriend handed it with a spoon #psychodetected

12. Me : ” Honey, where did you buy this Donut? 

      Her : “Oh, I made it myself…what’s wrong?”

     Me : “Taste good “

13. How to prep a Michelin stars meals? Stay minimal..

14. My girlfriend has tortured the cat…

15. When she said she is #20 but her ID said she is #15… Police sirens on the way!

16. When your wife found you cheating so she gives first warning by cooking “penis shape wieners”.

17. When your bf from US and made first attempt to cook Asian Instant noodle..

18. When your Asian girlfriend think you need extra protein..

19. When she doesn’t agree to have more babies…#passiveagressive

20. How to know if you are with the wrong person your whole life is when she served this on the table…

21. Someone from the store think plastic wrap is edible…

22. How to know that you have Asian girlfriend is when she pairs any food with Rice…#ricecream

23. This is called ” Pho Noodle Ice Cream with Extra leek” #myvietnamgirlfriend

24. “Honey I make you a poop meringues….”

25. My girlfriend proudly presents her “cancerous baked chocolate muffins…”

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