These Top 25 Photos From Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Week Will Make You Wonder About Your Taste

Buzzers, Just recently all fashionista has the fanciest event ever…It’s a Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Week. But, do you know that runway and fashion week could be the trickiest thing? Here’s Top 25 photos that will make you wonder!!

1. When A torn pants is called fashion..

2. It’s Halloween and you decided to look like a Pumpkin.

3. This fashion called “Don’t touch me, I am allergic to germs!”

4. Did she can’t find the right size?

5. How she can even move her arms?

6. Plastic bag is always ready to wear!!

7. When you want to be a fancy ghost in Halloween.

8. How to know if your girl is a secret agent? Lots of pockets in her outfit.

9. When your friends come for Christmas and bring the leftovers, this is kind of bag they will bring.

10. When you don’t know what shoes to wear a high heel or slippers..just wear both!

11. What’s on his head? A second manhood?

12. When you can’t decide if it will be hot or cold outside.

13. When your tailor run out of fabrics and convince you that it’s a new trend.

14. So Carnaval clothes is a fashion now?

15. What they try to make men wear in 2019.

16. When from the top you look like wearing an asylum patients jacket, and your skirt agree with it…

17. How to wear a hat so you will look like an escaped lion…

18. Goodbye heels!! Welcome sandals from 5th century…

19. When you dress to look like a villain. Here she is an Ice Queen…Ice Ice Baby!!

20. Why she even wear those long little pillows??

21. When you don’t know that this boots is designed for the Giants not the Liliput…

22. Oh…here she is a beautiful Marshmallow…

23. Wear this shoes but don’t ask me why you always trip over!!

24. I remember this kind of clothes from a Japanese manga, One Piece..

25. How a Cinderella dress in 2019!!

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