These Top 30 Crazy Images Only Happen in Russia!!

Buzzers, Have you visited Russia? Russia is famous for three things; Putin, Kalashnikov and the third is probably bizarre yet crazy things that only happen in Russia. This images spread around internet and will make you wonder about Russia. Aside from its communism, I think this could be a perfect land for Memes Lord

1. Russian definition of being a man.

2. Definition of Sexy Role Play in Russia

3. Water is Fire


4. Best Seller book in Russia

5. When you’re in a shower but your girlfriend said “Come over, No one at home”

6. How to know your guy was drunk last night in Russia..

7. Dedicated women in No Pants Day

8. Don’t mess with Russians…

9. Bear is the first citizen in Russia

10. In Russia the Seal is  KGB agents

11. What a beauty..

12. Always prepare with a torpedo!

13. How to know your girlfriend is a Bi..

14. Toys in Russia….very scientific..

15. A new Kind of Banana only exist in Russia..

16. Fashion in Russia

17. Please shoot me with a kiss
18. Childhood ruined
19. Winter in Russia

20. Sisters in Russia

21. Dating in Russia Part 1

22. Dating in Russia Part 2

23. Waiter in Russia is very thoughtful with a single woman traveler..

24. If you need to put in don’t forget this PUT IN

25. PETA in Russia…this fish seems too sober…

26. Code quality enforcement in Russia kinda kinky…

27. You can buy fake likes from this Russian vending machine!!

 28. You can get a Vodka to go only in Russian Supermarket!!

 29. Russian cheerleaders …

30. Trump Gold Coated Iphone 7

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