This Artist Changes the Dull World that We Lived In Into a Colorful and Witty Arts!

Hi Buzzers!! Have you ever felt life is meaningless and less of excitement? Especially after working 9 to 5 or more and you see the street or blocks you lived in seems to drag you into a shitty thoughts? Well, not anymore if you have a street artist just like Tom Bob!

Tom Bob is a street artist that based in New York City but he paints & give color to people’s everyday life everywhere from Dubai, California to Taiwan. That way he brings the smile & positive message to the citizens! He also known as Tom Bob NYC, his street art gives impact to people’s life! We have listed some of his “Before & After” Work..Enjoy & hopefully it will inspire you Buzzers!

1. The electrical meters renewed itself as a watch salesman.

2. Old Gas meters changed into an awesome body builder!

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