This Artist Creates 10 Comic that Show A Hilarious Life of a Hijabi Woman!

Hi Buzzers!! Are you wearing a hijab or you have friends that wear it? Probably you have been in this situation. Since many people seems curious and have different views about it, this instagram artist @tikatoons depicted her hilarious daily life with a hijab. In the end, we will see women with hijab is just women and every individual has the right to choose!

1. When you decided to only buy that one lipstick…but you end up buying the whole palette, plus concealer, plus eyeshadows….and..only God knows the rest! Yes! We did that too!

2. Of course as a woman we try to look our best for first day at work! 6 months later…you are lucky to see us still aliveee!!!

3. The work load can force us to have double personality lol!

4. Different make up different occasion..a rule to live by!

5. Cheesy pick up lines? Yes!! We are hijabis get it too!

6. Love don’t cost a thing? Maybe…if you are a J-Lo. Cheesy pick up line again!

7. Some of you probably have caught us trying to have a battle with the wind!

8. I know some people will call us Ninjas!! But nevermind, Ninja is know shuriken, naruto, and so on lol.

9. Have a problem to find your perfect dress?? We know that feelings sis!!

10. If we don’t find the hijab…Plan B..unused clothes, blanket, anything long and can cover except snakes!

So Buzzers, Can you relate? If you want to see more visit and follow her instagram @tikatoons ! Have a happy day!

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