This Artist Turns Stone Into Something Extremely Cute !!

Buzzers, Art has no limitations and that’s including paintings!! You don’t need a fancy canvas or expensive tools to create something extraordinary. Just like this artist, Akie Nakata from Japan! She uses her creativity and her imaginations to turn a stone into something extremely cute!! Don’t believe me? Check out her works as a stone artist below!!

1. Aki always use a stone with a natural shape.

2. She use her imaginations to create different paintings.

3. She mostly has inspirations from animals and their life just like this cute badger carries her children.

4. Flat stone for a cute Syrian hamster…

5. Some stones has a resemblance of wild animals.

6. She also give attention to details just like when she paints this leopards dots.

7. In her capable hands, This stone looks scary..

8. She is truly a remarkable stone artist.

9. Maybe if you find stones with unique shapes don’t throw it away buzzers! Give it to Akie and she will make you see the value of a stone.

10. Anyone want this as a charm? Turtle is a symbol of Longevity in Japan..

So, what do you think buzzers? Her works is available with a cute exclusive box.

Just in case you want to make a painting of your pet on a stone or look for a home  decoration, you can order her artworks here :

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