This Comedian Mom Re-creates Celebrities' Glam Life With A Hilarious Twist!

Buzzers, What a Mom can do is unlimited!! Just like this happy mom who is also a writer, actor, and a comedian named Celeste Barber. Despite her routine as a mother of two kids and dedicated wife…she found her joy in recreating celebrities glam life with her own hilarious twist! It’s seriously not the glam you wish for but it is what you need to see!!

1. When fashionista needs too much effort to make a tea but minimum clothes just like Kourtney Kardashian Vs You.

2. How a professional model pose Vs how a budget model pose (Emrata)

3. Nothing more to say! We all have done the one on the right! (Jessica Simpson)

4. How your husband in the first marriage see your boobies VS How he see it in the next 20 years (Alexis ren)

5. How to pose with long legs VS short legs (Joan Smalls)

6. Bella Hadid in summer dress after a walk in a park vs You in your one and only shirt after all goes to laundry

7. Celebrities siblings (Khloe & Kylie Jenner) VS your siblings after she knew you have eaten the last chocolate in the fridge!

8. Holidaying when you are single VS holidaying after marriage with KIDDOS!! (Kendall Jenner)

9. Who’s in the right mind wearing killer heels to pool??…..oh it’s JLO..

10. How flight is delayed because press needs more of Mariah Carey’s pictures VS how flight is delayed because you give a f**k to the airline lol

So, what do you think Buzzers?

To see more of her works you can go to her instagram @celestebarber. You can also see her LIVE on her USA Tour just go to her link on

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