TOP 10 Beautiful Cookies Inspiration For Your Wedding Day!!

Buzzers, girls have their own dream wedding and they always want their wedding day to be special. Let’s be honest that wedding is not as simple as “I do” anymore but wedding is a reflection of the couple’s personality and dreams. That is why they take long time to decide the wedding dress, venue, and decorations! Not to forget also the food menu for the wedding guests!! Therefore a sugar artist Liz Joy from Los Angeles created cute and beautiful desserts design to inspire you. So Buzzers, here is the top 10 beautiful cookies inspiration for your wedding day!

#1. Make your guests wow with cookies that resemble your wedding dress.

#2. Some cute cookies for your besties on your wedding day!

#3. Cookies that look like you? Why not?!

#4. For you who love to add the fun on your wedding day..

#5. This cookies will be a wonderful surprise for the bride and groom who love to travel!

#6. Do you want your little niece and nephew enjoy at the wedding, this cute unicorn cookies will do the magic! It also can function as a bribe if they have tantrum lol

#7. A box of Lippy Lips cookies for all the bridesmaids will make your friendship goes stronger even after marriage!!

#8. Sexy undies also can make your wedding guests giggles…this to reminds you to keep the love burning!!

#9. A little champagne anyone?

#10. A wonderful treats for you who loves fashion!!

So, Have you found cookies suitable for your wedding day, Buzzers? If you need more inspiration on cookies and cakes follow Lisa Joy Instagram @inspiredtotaste! Have a sweet day, Buzzers!!

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