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TOP 10 Cats Who Dress Better than You

1. This cat who is ready to go to her social club…Mamma Mia

Credit : Instagram @hummusthecat

2. This cat who looks like a K-POP star

Credit : Instagram @zappa_the_cat

3. This white cat who never take for the less..

Credit : Instagram

4. Cocktail party at 8 am ? Why Not ??

Credit : Instagram @themainecoonsisters

5. This cat who feels everywhere is

Credit : Instagram @misho.2018

6. This Ginger Cat who looks like your crush in Highschool and still does.

Credit : Instagram @a_cat_named_lionel

7. This cat who knows what the meaning of graceful should be..

Credit : Instagram @themainecoonsisters

8. This hairless cat who knows a mini skirt is a must for Summer in New York

Credit : Instagram @clothes_for_pets_handmade

9. This gentleman cat, your imagination of International Love should be like..oui?

Credit : Instagram @laravnelson

10. This cat who just closed a deal in Wall Street.. Ain’t no Money no Honey !

Credit : Instagram @fotoartcattery

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