Top 10 Colombian Body Gestures And Some May Save You While Traveling!

Buzzers, it’s very important to us to know a bit of language, culture, and custom when we are traveling! It will give you great advantage since you won’t feel as a stranger in different universe lol. It also may have saved you from thief or bored situation!

Everybody is already familiar with some gestures from European country but what about Colombia in South America? This fascinating country has people who are popular as “indirect communicators”. It means they talk more by gestures than their mouth and here’s Top 10 Colombian body gestures you should mastered now!

1. In greetings women kiss on the cheek and men offering handshakes. The kiss will be only one kiss given to right cheek to right cheek.

2. Just in case you have a date while you are there or invited to someone house you may need to watch out your hands while eating. In US & UK we tend to eat food fingers like chicken steak, french fries, or fresh fruit with our hands but not in Colombia! Always use your utensils!

3. Abrazo is a pat on the shoulder when the friendship has developed. Usually it is men between men.

4. If you saw someone gently scratching his/her cheek while look at you, it means he/she wants to warn you about a thief near you!

5. Don’t wait a Colombian to use their finger while pointing a direction to you. They will look at the direction and make a a duck face because it’s normal to point a direction with their lips.

6. You might think Colombians are gangster, they want to kill you, or you make them unhappy! For example,  you ask “Can I go to Museum on Sunday?” Then they make “one finger cutting their neck” gesture. It means the place is either closed, under renovation, or something that makes you can’t go there on Sunday.

7. If your Kids or partner is missing in Colombia, never put the height of your kids or partner with a hand out horizontally. In Colombia demonstrating the height with a hand horizontally is for basically you look for an animal. For a person you need to put your hand out horizontally.

8. If you saw Colombians put their hand like they are holding an invisible ball under their chin. It means they are saying someone is a “Fool”.

9. If you said to a Colombian to keep a secret or don’t tell anyone and they put their finger and thumb close to their lips following by a kiss sound just like when Italian said ” mammamia”. It means “Definitely, I will keep a promise”.

10. If your Colombian friend run to you and make a gestures by shaking their limp hand and making a sound with it, It means “Trouble is coming”.

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