TOP 10 Dancing Dogs Gurus Will Teach You Groovy Moves This Friday Night!

Buzzers, have you ever feel awkward everytime your friends ask you to get down to the dance floor? You just afraid to make some dancing mistakes and everyone laugh at you. Well, no need to be afraid anymore! These top 10 dancing dogs gurus will share their secret and teach you how to dance like a pro!!

1. While paws in the air don’t forget to give a wide smile!

2. It’s not a dance if you don’t bring the pack to the dance floor!

3. Play with your hair when you make a turn moves..

4. Smile and no need to be shy!

5. Dance like no one is watching…

6. Combine dance from the 70’s paw in the air moves from left to right and take a little jump..

7. If accident like this happens, no need to stop just get back to the rhythm…

8. Let your dancing energy radiates to everyone surrounds you…

9. A tango start with a simple hug and the man take the lead…

10. In the end, your dancing move doesn’t matter at all…the most important is the joyful moments you both had.

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