TOP 10 Doodles Comic That We All Can Relate !!

Buzzers, today’s comic we featured doodles comic from an Instagram artist @shreyadoodles. Simple drawings with some witty yet fresh stories is a key point for her comic! We can even relate to her comic daily life stories…check it below!

1. I wish I can do my work as if I watch Netflix…

2. Starbucks’ staff did this A LOT!!

3. Have you ever feel like this dog

4. This sums up our childhood…

5. If you are an introvert, you know it’s hard even to speak directly through phone

6. Even during your darkest day, you will find someone who truly care

7. This is how we avoid our aunt or uncle at public

8. One of the cause of insomnia is to own a cat

9. Women and their magic wardrobe…but they always tend to choose same dress over and over again..

10. What is the most awkward question you ask to your friends?

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