TOP 10 Facts Behind the Leaked of Snapchat's Source Code !

Hi Buzzers!! Snap chat source code has been leaked and published on Github! How this dramatic story of snap chat begin? Well here’s the 10 facts!

1. Let us get closer with the hacker first. The source code posted on Github by username i5xx or also known by name as Khaled Alshehri. He is assumed to be in Tando Bago in Pakistan and has online tech service business in Damma Saudi Arabia.


2. Why source code is very important? Well, Source code is the core parts of the app! It is the essence behind the design of an application!


3. The hacker created Github repository called Source-Snapchat which allowed it to spread publicly since it’s in open source for the developers.


4. The fatal thing if the source code spread publicly is you can know all the company secrets such as future features, how it can be successful, and how it works! In general, The same reason that plankton has when he tries to steal Krabby Patty’s secret recipe!


5. The source code that spread is for IOS since it’s in Apple’s Objective C-Programming Language.


6. The Snapchat filed a DMCA report to Github and certainly they are in a panic mode as all the words is in capital letters and request immediate take down!


7. Snap Inc has an account in HackerOne, a place to run a bug bounty program! The company even has paid $220,000 in bounties. The reward given to researchers based on severity.


8. The hacker that leaked the code is actually a researcher that had found something on the snap chat app. He tried to communicate with the company but unsuccessful. So, he decided to deploy the snap chats source code to get a reply!


9. It’s believed that the source code has been on Github for 2 months before it was taken down 5 days ago!


10. Snap chat spoke person said that the incident had no impact to the community.

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