TOP 10 Famous People and Their Doggelganger Will Make You Believe in Parallel Universe!

Hi Buzzers! Have you ever heard about a parallel universe? It is a speculation about the idea of our reality including our universe and how we experienced it, is not the only versions out there. Perhaps in parallel universe you have another version of yourself?

 For example you are a male and not a female, you are a model and not a teacher, or you are a dog and not a human?? Well who knows! The universe has a lot of mystery and the images below shows that it could be possible! These famous people have their own doggelganger which will make you in awe!

1. Snoop Dog

2. Cher

3. Karl Lagerfeld

4. Lena Haydey a.k.a Cersey Lannister (GOT)

5. Natalie Dormer a.k.a margaery tyrell (GOT)

6. Isaac Hempstead Wright a.k.a Brandon Stark (GOT)

7. Jack Black

8. Ashley Olsen

9. Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi a.k.a Snooki Jersey Shore

10. David Bowie

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