TOP 10 Health Myths that You Still Believe Until Now

1. Eat 2 Eggs a day increase a risk to have a heart disease

Well, it’s true that egg has cholesterol but eating 2 eggs a day will not give you a heart disease. This is because cholesterol and fats more harmful if you get it from mixed of foods that you eat at once such as steak, bacon, and pizza. Besides, eggs also rich of omega 3 which can lower the risk of heart disease.

2. If you stay in a cold outside, you will get sick

This is not totally true, even though peoples’ body immune system are different. But, you are more likely to get sick indoor than outdoor. This is because the germs are trapped indoor. If you don’t believe it, look at people in Norway. They let their child spend sometime and even sleep outside in a cold days for several hours to boost their immune system.

3. You need to take Multivitamins daily

Unless your doctor prescribe multivitamins for you, then there is no reason you should take it daily. The best way to get vitamins for your body is to live a healthy life including healthy diet such as eating greens, whole grains, and healthy oils.

4. Organic foods is better for consumption

You may hear this over and over again on the tv and market while you selecting that carrots..hmm organic or non-organic? Well, study from University of California shows that eating organic food didn’t prove that it has more nutrients or more beneficial for your body. Pesticides level in both organic and non-organic food are low and safe for consumption.

5. Drink 8 glass of water a day

To keep hydrated the amount of water you drink when you are thirsty is already enough. People also think that you should drink a mineral water only while actually liquid substance such as soup, tea, watermelon, or any other vegetables & fruit also can help you to stay hydrated.

6. Eat a turkey will make you sleepy

Some people will concern about this during thanksgiving lol. Even though turkey has a chemical called tryptophan that can make you relax, it won’t make you feel sleepy. The reason you feel sleepy after thanksgiving is more intake in the carbs, and alcohol.

7. Honey is a good substitute for sugar

This might be surprise you but honey is not better than any synthetic products out there. This is due to a fact that sugar in honey and sugar in natural products like apple, and  synthetic products like candy is the same. So, both honey and sugar will affect your blood sugar level if you eat it too much.

8. Chocolate increase sexual desire

Sugar and chocolate is believed as aphrodisiacs since in the mid 19th century. But, there is no evidence that chocolate can increase your sexual desire. So, take it easy or you’ll get diabetes instead.

9. Eat bunch of carrots will give you a super night vision

This is wrong buzzers! Even though vitamin A in carrots is good for your eyes but it won’t give you superpowers such as a night vision. This is actually a British propaganda during World War II because the government want to keep radar technology as a secret. By doing so, their bomber pilots can attack in the night.

10. Drinking more will cure your hangover

Are you a party goers Buzzers?? Well, we all know we hate that hangover in the morning! But, don’t dare taking another cocktail because it won’t cure you at all. Also, Skip your morning coffee!! Coffee is diuretic like alcohol. It means it will dehydrate your body and prolong your hangover.

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