TOP 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs in 2018 in the USA

Buzzers, if you confuse on what kind of expertise that land you with a highest payment in Technology then we have make the list for you! According to, employers are paying quite lots of dollars in tech industries. Even though there is still a pay gap between gender, but when evaluating men and women with similar titles, expertise, and credentials in the IT field, men and women had very similar pay. So, Ladies interested to get your degree in IT now?

1. Enterprise Architect

Enterprise architect is a professional that specialized in Enterprise Architecture & works closely with stakeholders to expand a view of strategy, information processes, and IT assets of an organization.

Median Base salary : $ 115,944

2. Software Development Manager

Software development manager is a professional who leads teams of software developers in various industries. They will designing software, web application, web services, and also hire, train & manage staff.

Median Base salary : $ 108,879

3. Software Engineering Manager

The role in a company can be varied but it will include project management, performance management, mentorship that collaborate with application development program.

Median Base salary : $ 107,479

4. Software Architect

Software architect is an IT professional who has expertise in software development and makes high-level design choices and dictates technical standards such as software coding standards, tools and platforms.

Median Base salary : $ 105,329

5. Application Development Manager

The role for application development manager is planning, coordinating, and supervising all activities related to software application in an organization.

Median Base salary : $ 104,048

6. IT Program Manager

IT program manager has a responsibility in supervise a team of information systems professional who will engage in various projects. The person should have a degree in technical knowledge and also in business and management skills.

Median Base salary : $ 102,969

7. Solutions Architect

Solution architect is a professional in charge of leading the practice of designing, describing, and managing the solution engineering related to specific business problem. They also introducing overall technical vision for a special solution.

Median Base salary : $ 102,160

8. Data Architect

Data architect is a practitioner in data architecture that consists of designing, creating, deploying, and managing the data of an organization.

Median Base salary : $ 101,900

9. System Architect

System architect is a professional figure in IT and establish system design of a computerized system to fulfill certain requirements.

Median Base salary : $ 100,984

10. Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineer is IT professionals who responsible for cloud computing including design, planning, management, maintenance and support.

Median Base salary : $ 96,449

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