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TOP 10 Most Bizarre Marriage Laws Around The World!!

Hi Buzzers!! If you want to get married while traveling probably you should be more careful since some country comes with unexpected marriage laws!! To know more about this marriage laws around the world, check this out..

1. If you get married in Hong Kong, Your life could be like Mr. & Mrs. Smith! Your wife will be busy find a way to kill you if she found you cheating! You also can’t file a complaint to the authority since the law legalized the killing as long as she use her bare hand.

Hongkong marriage

2. If you are having a vacation in Samoa but forgetting your beloved wife’s birthday. Well, better to pray since it’s a doomsday for you Buzzers!! Samoa laws stated clearly that it’s illegal to forget your wife birthday. So, make sure you have set up a bday’s alarm in your phone or just pretend you get dementia while you’re there lol.

Samoa marriage

3. You and her are from another countries? Or another planets? But looking some way so your love can bloom in marriage? Montana is the place! This USA state has a marriage system called “double proxy” ceremony where none of the bride or groom come the the wedding! The couple will have someone else act as “proxies” and do the “I do” thing on their behalf. Better do this than missed out your favorite series on Netflix!


4. Ladies…if you plan to get married with a guy from England make sure your wedding fantasy is far from outdoor places such as garden, park, or beach…since according to the laws couple must be married in a fixed structure with a roof!! These could be places of worship, hotels, or stately homes that is registered for weddings.


5. If you want to establish your puppy love in a marriage Japan could be your way. In Japan the minimum age for men to marry is 18 and women is 16 years old. But, if you are a foreigner and your home country has a  different rule, for example the minimum for men is 21 and women is 18. The rule from your home country will no runaway marriage here, Buzzers!!

Japanese marriage

6. If you want to propose your girlfriend by doing a flashmob in India, you could get penalty. According to the laws you can’t gather in public with a large crowd that may cause disturbance and it also apply to dancing so say goodbye to your Bollywood Wedding Buzzers!

Bollywood marriage

7. Buzzers if you want to have a secret marriage then definitely Greece is not the place! In Greece, you need to make a public announcement for your marriage in the local Newspaper!! If you don’t do it then you can’t have a marriage license!! Well, just hope all your exes will not show up at your wedding…with your babies!!

Greece marriage

8. Oh Paris the city of Love!! Plan to have your wedding in the most romantic destination in France? Well sorry Buzzers!! One of the couple need to live here for 40 days before marriage! So probably you want to plan your honeymoon a bit early? *wink*


9. Your wife is a trouble maker then better to bring your girlfriend to Utah…lol just joking Buzzers!! You still can bring your wife to Utah just make sure she doesn’t do any trouble such as getting into a fight, shop lifting or stealing from somebody! According to the law in Utah you will be responsible for your wife action while she is in your presence. Well, I guess Utah takes a Wedding Vow seriously “I take you to be my wife, to have and to hold, from this day and forward, for better and for worse…”

USA marriage

10. Another bizarre law comes from China.  According to the rule you should not eat another man’s wife intentionally and no…the rule doesn’t say it as part of oral sex but as part of a meal!! Quite horrific?!

Chinese Wedding

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