TOP 10 Most Confusing Road Signs in the United States!

Buzzers, have you ever noticed that sometimes we are passing through a confusing road sign in the United States? Well, here’s the top 10 and probably you cancel your driving course by the time you see it Lol!

1. In Washington DC they better put timer on each lane!

Confusing Road Sign

What we thought: At a first glimpse we thought these lanes only open in the morning or closed in the morning? Well just make sure you don’t  rush to work since you need more time in figuring the meaning of these lanes!

Official meaning: the right three lanes open during rush hour, right lane only open from 3.30 pm to 9.30 pm except period between 6.30 am and 9.30 pm, right two lanes open from 9.30 pm to 6.30 am. Confuse? Read again from the beginning!

2. Take the Center lane and experience a collision ahead of you in Pennsylvania

Confusing Road Sign

What we thought: collision ahead just make sure turn left on time if you see other cars from the center lane!!

Official meaning: The Center lane left turn only signs. It means the lane reserved for left turning cars in either directions so drivers should not pass through it.

3. Welcome to San Fransisco, California and Get Lost!

Confusing Road Sign

What we thought: It seems this city is not that welcome to the foreigner. Looks like the street signs was made so taxi driver can get a better wage and we get a headache.

Official meaning: Driver in left lane only can make a sharp left, drivers in second lane can do sharp or slightly sharp left, drivers in right of center lane the fifthmost sharp left…I think Americans don’t know how to do sharp left lol.

4. In Memphis, Tennessee, you should be able to fly…

Confusing Road Sign

What we thought: if we don’t stand in the street should we crawl or fly? Since it is in front of Sun studios.

Official meaning: literally do not stand in the street?!

5. Make a Wiggle to Avoid big Rock in Pennsylvania

Confusing Road Sign

What we thought: Oh No! A big Rock in the middle of the street! Avoid it by wiggling your car!

Official meaning: The sign is to show there is a divided highway ends signs. You are traveling ends ahead and then you will be in roadway with two traffic. Keep to the right of the centerline and watch for the upcoming traffic!

6. Merry go round in New Jersey

Confusing Road Sign

What we thought: Lots of circle sign..oh my God we should do a circle now!!

Official meaning: There will be a traffic circle up ahead!

7. One way to nowhere in New Jersey

Confusing Road Sign

What we thought: We can’t think right now as the one way street sign appointed to the middle of salt water marsh! Is it tell us to  dive in the salt water ??

Official meaning: Literally one way sign…but to where and how is it there? Only God knows!

8. Which Marine Street in Buffalo, New York

Confusing Road Sign

What we thought: This street is going to empty our gas tank !

Official meaning: There is two marine street with an exact same name and they have them crossed path!

9. Wait here? Somewhere in the USA

Confusing Road Sign

What we thought: So our car can wait or park here?

Official meaning: It’s actually a sign for pedestrian crossing!

10. This Tricky sign in Los Angeles, California.

Confusing Road Sign

What we thought: It seems my wife make this sign to make me going to jail so she can have her holiday in Bahama as she has always dreamed of! Except you can define  what is very light or aviation means…police will arrest you anyway!

Official meaning: You can turn left but only if there isn’t much traffic called “aviation”. What is aviation anyway?? Should we see the planes take off and landing? Please help!!

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