Top 10 Most Hilarious Sleepy Kids

1. I wonder if she thought she is on camping or she found out that the stairs amazingly comfortable..which I really doubt it…

Funny sleepy kid

2. When you think sleeping on the chair is too you make some innovation instead.

Funny sleepy kid

3. I wonder how he manage to do this…

Funny sleepy kid

4. I think I have found the next Mr. Fantastic…

Funny kid

5. When you found comfort in between Dog’s legs rather than your pillow

Kid and dog sleeping

6. When you want to sleep but also do Yoga…

Funny kid Yoga and Sleep

7. When you just watched Harry Potter and thought you can levitate…

Funny Harry Potter Kid

8. Howdy !! I just found out that for millenials ; the Monster is on the bed and not under the bed !!

Kid sleep in weird position

9. “Mommy, I don’t kick her from the bed, she did Skydiving from the bed”, exactly what the kid will say on why her sister is sleeping on the floor.

Sleepy kid

10. This kid is so Meee !! I also fall asleep during a haircut !!

Sleepy kid while haircut

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