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TOP 10 Russian Swear Words You Will Hear during The World Cup 2018!

Russian is no stranger to swearing. They even ranked the third in the world for their tremendous collections of derivatives existing swear words! Even though there is a law that forbids swearing in the public places which cost you around 500 rules if you get caught, but sometimes swearing is like a pimple you need to poke and let the nasty fluid out especially in a place like a football match! So, here’s some you can use (if you dare) and hear during World Cup 2018.

1. дерьмо (der’mo)

A classic! literally means “Sh*t!”

World Cup 2018, Russia

2. Пиздец (Piz-dets)

Piz-gets is using if the situation went very wrong. In English “D*mn it !”

World Cup 2018, Russia

3. Пизда Рулю (Pizda Rulyu)

It literally means “Pussy Helm”, but it used for a situation where everything is fudged, “We are doomed!!”

World Cup 2018, Russia

4. Ёптель-мопсель (Yoptel’-Mopsel’)

In English, it’s equivalent to “God Damm*t”!

World Cup 2018, Russia

5. Заебись (Zaebis)

Could be good or bad since depends on how you use it, it could have meaning as “F*cking great!” or “Holy Sh*t!”

World Cup 2018, Russia

6. Ёбаное дно (Yobannoe do)

Literally has meaning as “Fucking bottom”. It can be used when the match can’t get any worse!

World Cup 2018, Russia

7. Блять (Blyat’)

It means wh*re and akin of F*ck too. This is a very popular swear word in Russia and considered very rude.

World Cup 2018, Russia

8. Черт Подери (Chert poderi)

Literally means “Devil Scratch it” or just “Damn it” in English.

World Cup 2018, Russia

9. бабочка (Babochka)

It is said when there is an unsuccessful jump by the goalkeeper by waving his hand to catch the ball.

World Cup 2018, Russia

10. Лох (Loh)
Literally means “Loser!”.

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