TOP 10 Silliest Things People Do In The Name Of Health!

Buzzers, The conquest to cure a disease are not easy. Human have known to create some various health findings and breakthrough in a hope to provide a better healthcare. Some methods use in  medical treatments could be disgusting, scary, or mythical but they still try it anyway. So Buzzers, here is top 10 silliest things people do in the name of health..

#1. Injects 18 dose of semen to cure back pain may sounds strange but it’s real! The  person ends up in hospital with swollen arms.

#2. Aaron Traywick injected himself with unregulated herpes therapy. Sometimes you don’t need to search the answer within yourself….especially for herpes.

#3. Implanting goat testicles into a man’s scrotum apparently believed to cure  sexual problem like impotence. The doctor who perform this surgery is John Brinkley in the early 1900’s. Sadly many patients died.

#4. Album Graecum to cure sore throat in 1650-1850 are made from dried dog poop. Well…Better to use the poop for your gardens only! You have been warned!

#5. The hype of mercury as a cure. Abraham lincoln used mercury-laden blue pills to cure his depression. He stopped to use it in 1861 as it’s connected to his violent rages.

#6. Get Malaria to cure syphilis. Well, if you crazy enough to let another disease to kill you but in 1927’s Dr. Julius Wagner-Jauregg won a Nobel Prize for this breakthrough.

#7. Gladiator’s meat and blood was believed by the Romans to cure epilepsy. Yucks…is this how we get Cannibalism?

#8. Therapeutic stink was believed to cure black death disease. This is why people in the middle ages keep their farts in a jar.

#9. Many people said old time is bliss but you will not feel that way after you know in ancient Egypt they inserted crocodile dung into a vagina, they believe will create impenetrable barrier! What a cost for a safe sex!

#10. Have you ever heard of Sugar coma? Well this is the medical treatment used throughout Europe for schizophrenia. The use of insulin coma was existed even until 20th century. Many patients died, but if I should choose between lobotomy or sugar coma, I think sugar coma sounds better.

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