TOP 10 Technology That Will Change Our Life in 2019!

Buzzers, technology has become a primary thing for us. In 2019, tech will give more breakthrough with the rise of 5G, folded phone, AI, Streaming, and more! The fast development in Tech will make  our life more and more easier each day. So buzzers, let’s check out the top 10 tech that will change our life in 2019!

#1. Faster Connection, the world welcoming 5 G.

Buzzers, internet can not be separated from our life now! We get more and more dependent to it…let’s say how many of us can live and enjoy things without need to check the place on google, or just chat without need to type ? I bet none of us will hang on into the “old lifestyle”. Luckily the country embrace this new lifestyle, the service provider like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, are ready to launch mobile 5G in select cities this 2019.

#2. Electric car will make a debut

Issues on global warming and the hefty gas price are pumping the stakeholders to create some alternatives, it’s the birth of electric cars. Electric cars are also in the heart of luxury car segment in 2019 such as Aston Martin, Jaguar, Audi, Porsche and Mercedes Benz.

#3. Drone will fly according to UTM

NASA will complete the Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management (UTM). So now you should fly your drone according to it. This system will manage the drone traffic in our skies!

#4. The demand of same-day delivery is increasing

Now people will demand the same-day delivery in almost any products! The result is many apps will maintain this demand such as as what we can see now are Uber Eats, and Door Dash! The market still open but the profit is not so much. Even so the demand from the customers may change our delivery system forever.

#5. Phones will always evolve, 2019 is the year of Foldable Phone

If you are old enough by now, you will remember how we have a giant phone then Nokia show up with smaller ones  since then the phone getting smaller. But, technology is evolving now we want a bigger screen, but now a phone too big also not that comfortable. That is why in 2019 foldable phone can be the next big thing! Who knows after that you can fold any other electronic devices in your home!
#6. Amazon is more than an Online retailer

Being the World’s largest online retailer seems not a fancy tittle for Amazon. This big company will change our life in 2019 by providing hospitality only with a single click. They already put an effort in giving customers local services such as house cleaning and handy men, in 2019 it will grow and provide more services to us.

#7. Security Detection Features will be a Hit!

Buzzers, we still remember how the leak of  data security become a nightmare for us and for every software developers! This will make a change in how they protecting it, in 2019 business leaders will start to implement it by adding security detection features at the code level. These features will protect against intruders and anomalous activity.

#8. Soft Skills become more desirable

Let’s be honest with the rapid technology development, the needs of technical skill is declining since the rise of AI and automation. It will create a job field that only human can do such as job that needs creative thinkers, emphaty and so on.

#9. The rise of Streaming services

The popularity of Netflix make other channels and companies to have their own apps! This means Disney streaming service will have Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar in Single service while AT&T forthcoming service will put HBO, Harry Potter, and DC superheroes together. Will entertainment become more exclusive and expensive in 2019? Well, it could be.

#10. Workplace wellness become important factor

We know how workplace could be a stressful place for us, this is why many apps also robots that use AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) try to solve this problem. They designed to understand our emotions and giving a short therapy session or just a calming talk. Wellness become an important factor in a company.

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