TOP 10 Unique Crooked House Around The World

Buzzers, every cities have a beautiful and unique architecture that become the essence of a country. Just like when we heard the word “crooked house”, we will remember a building with unique “crooked” Krzywy domek architecture in Sopot, Poland or the Crooked house of Windsor in England. These two have drawn a lot of tourists to the country and become a landmark of the country. We have curated the top 10 amazing crooked house to visit for your next holiday trip.

1. This crooked house is in St. johns and New Foundland, Canada

2. Hotel schiefe haus in Ulm, Germany

3. The House Pie in Pet, Minas Gerais-Brazil

4. Houses in Amsterdam & Haarlem, Netherlands

5. The crooked House of Windsor in England.

6. Crooked House in Steep Hill, England

7. Krzywy domek in Sopot, Poland

8. Bank Alles The Crooked House in England.

9. Crooked House in Lavenham, England.

10. Wonder Works, Pigeon Forks in USA

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