TOP 10 Weirdest Facts You Can Find only in Norway!

1. You can find giant mirror in Rjuka

The giant mirror is 450 meters high in a mountain above the town, Rjukan. Rjukan is a small town in Norway that is in shadow for three full months of the year. The purpose of this mirror is to reflect the sunlight to the small town Rjukan.

2. No Visa required in Svalbard

Svalbard is an open border in Norway. No Visa or residence permit is required here.

3. Gambling is illegal but not if it’s for a cause

If you think to have ice breaking with your friends by playing poker & gambling at your home well it’s a big No No! The action is considered illegal! But, if you gamble to finance an organization or if it is supported by the government then it’s legal!

4. Norwegians love frozen pizza

While we love our pizza freshly made, Norwegians love to take away anytime they like. The solution is frozen pizza or also known as grandiosa pizza in Norway.

5. Sleep together while both are drunk is not intimate

Norwegians concept of intimacy is not like us. For them sleep together or have a one night stand is not intimacy. Intimacy is arguing with your spouse in an IKEA store or have a coffee together in a broad day light.

6. When it’s -5, It’s time for the children to sleep outside

Norwegians train their children especially babies to sleep outside in a coldest day. The action is believed to build their characters and make them stronger.

7. Norway has the coldest town named Hell

It’s kinda ironic as we portrait Hell as a place full of flames and very hot but not in Norway. In Norway, Hell is a town that freezes over a third of the year from December through March.

8. Norwegians has a special relationship with Avocadoes

Yes, buzzers!! Avocados can make Norwegians extremely happy! That only if they open an avocado and find beautifully green and intact inside!

9. Norgesvenn is a prestigious thing

Norgesvenn has a meaning as “a Friend of Norway”. This prestigious title is given to famous people that has visited Norway at least twice! They should also not make fun of the country or its people. Bruce Springsteen is a Norgesvenn.

10. Speeding is worst than have the class A drugs

Well, I guess this is why fast & furious never happen in Norway. Think yourself as a freelance racer on the street can make you to pay a fine around 10% of your annual income. US$ 500 if you pulled over while junkies get US$ 250 for small possession of heroin.

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