TOP 10 Weirdest Way in Greeting Someone Then and Now!

Hi Buzzers! Let’s be honest that every country has their weird sides and greetings could be one of it! Before we know the universal handshake, Greetings is something hard to understand. Lucky we don’t need to be Indiana Jones to experience it, since the early form of greetings is written in the book “One Kiss or Two: The Art of Science of Saying Hello” by Andy Scott. Here is the peek of the weirdest greetings back then and now.

Old times :

1. Slap Face, Eskimo

Eskimo greet their guest in 1850’s by slapping each other face. The unique thing is they will continue to slap each other face as hard as possible until one of them quit.

2. Genital grabbing, Australia

In Australia in 1950’s, an aboriginal tribes will greet each other by genital grabbing. No…not the pussy, but the men of walbiri will place their genitals in their host’s hands. If you refuse to grab or touch it, they will consider you as an enemy.

3. Hook & Crook, Greenland

In 1850’s Franz Boas an anthropologist reported that in Greenland they greetings the visitor by putting them into “Hook & Crook”. The visitor should bare their torso and do the arm wrestling! The winner has a right to kill the loser.

Now :

4. Hongi, New Zealand

In New Zealand, the Maori people will greet visitors using gesture called “hongi”. So, they will come close to you, closing their eyes and touching each other foreheads and noses together. The unique thing is they only do this kind of greetings to a visitor and not between Maori tribe itself.

5. Stick the tongue out, Tibet

Tibetan people believe that their ancient evil King has a black tongue. As a result, to make people believe that someone is not a reincarnation from this King, Tibetan people start greeting each other by sticking their tongue out.

6. Lie Down, Africa

In some African countries they put highest respect to the elderly. What I am saying by highest means if you are younger you should lie down if you meet an elder until they told you to get up. Do not use a handshake to the elders, it is considered unrespectful.

7. Ooopeeeeee!!!!, Costa Rica

In Costa Rica if you want to go to your friends house and greet them “hi” or asking how they are doing, one rule you need to obey is “Do Not Knock” their door. You need to shout “ooooopeeee!!” or oo-pay. This greetings refers to “Our Lady Guadalupe”, in short it becomes “oopee”. The shouting works as a greetings and a knock.

8. Put your palm on Children’s head, Kenya

Children in Kenya respect and greetings someone who is older than them by bowing their head and in return you should put your palm to touch their heads.–3#/

9. Pranama, India

If you love to see Bollywood movies, you must be familiar to this scene “a person will bow and try to touch the feet of the elders”. This gesture is called Pranama and it is how you show your respect to the elders.

10. Kowtowing, China

Chinese also put respect to the superiors into the highest levels. You can also see it in their old kung-fu movies that they will kneel and put their forehead on the ground to greet the superiors, could be their elders, or King, etc.

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