TOP 10 Worst Ugliest Cosplay That Leave You in Horror!!

Buzzers, not all cosplayer demanding a perfection for their character! Some are just having fun with cosplaying by creating a funny twist of their favorite character!! These people below probably win our worst ugliest cosplay nomination but they also win our hearts! They show that cosplaying is all about fun and also humor…whatever you want to do just do it #Yolo!!

1. Chun Li from Street Fighter never look this heavy

2. Wolverine + Banana = ?

3. Mc. Thor …

4. Pikachu after a lot of cracks and booze !!

5. Hmmm interesting…Ash has a Long Pikachu!!

6. Sailormoon after depression

7. Very Funny Drag Queen in Batman Cosplay…

8. Iron Man in ancient egypt

9. Iron Man okay we get it, nice try!

10. My Little Pony with a Horror Twist

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