TOP 12 Amusing Facts About Condoms in History !!

1. The rubber condoms or vulcanized rubber condoms first appeared in 1843.

2. In 1843, The vulcanized rubber condoms are obtainable in barbershops. I imagine during that time, the men and barber have a little barber talk:

Man : “so, there is this girl….”Barber : “No worries sir, Do you need Large or extra large? Our barbershop has lot of condoms available”Chances are the girl’s name will be famous in the next week barber talk rofl.

3. Weirdest English Condoms was the ones with British royals printed on it, such as Queen Victoria, prime minister William Ewart Gladstone, the Beatles, and even just recently Prince Harry & Meghan Markle face on it! Well, I guess Brits needs to be Brits right!

4. There is a rumor in the early age of condom that there is a law one out of ten condoms need to be faulty. So, if you have unplanned pregnancy in those time maybe because you are unfortunate to get the “one” among ten.

5. Catholic workers in condom factory  are also believed to poke holes in condoms with pins.

6. The early rubber condoms also need to be laundered. It is for “one use only” after the introduction of latex condoms in 1930s.

7. Do you know who once issued a camouflage condom to be made? A Swedish army.

8. Many men avoid using condom because of their “ego” probably or they too sensitive for the latex to be around their skins. But now not anymore since Japanese has a hi-tech technology to create the ultra thin 0.01 mm condoms!

9. The ultra thin 0.01 mm condoms will be showcased in the TOKYO 2020 Olympics so if you are interested you can buy some too!

10. If you are allergic to latex, this Japanese condom is using polyurethane which safer for you.

11. Sagami Rubber Industries is the company behind the gold medal ultra thin 0.01 mm condoms. What more interesting is it has been in the business since 1934 because Saku Matsugawa, the founder, wanted to prevent unwanted pregnancy and help Japanese women in the time of poverty and food shortages in the country.

12. Condomania is a condoms boutique in Tokyo Harajuku district in Japan that sells imported flavoured and textured condoms from overseas and also Japanese ultra thin condom.ショッピング/コンドマニア-原宿店
Source : Tully, John. 2011. The Devil’s Milk: A Social History Of Rubber. New York : Monthly Review Press. Pg. 44

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