TOP 12 Comfy Style Of Jennifer Lawrence Shows She Ain't No Different From That Girl Next

Buzzers, if you watched the hunger games you must be falling in love with Katniss Everdeen. Jennifer Lawrence plays her character beautifully as her innocence face with a strong character make this film even more unique. But, who knows in real life Jennifer Lawrence is as cool as Katniss. She is brave and never afraid to show her quirky side along with her comfy street style. Jennifer probably the most comfortable yet down to earth actress you have ever met! It almost feel like she is the girl you know next door…so Buzzers here is her top 10 comfy style you need to see.

#1. Go easy and lay back on Sunday morning is not a sin even for a celebrity!–y644lu3r–/t_full/cs_srgb,f_auto,fl_strip_profile.lossy,q_auto:420/v1364527886/jennifer-lawrence-with-no-makeup.jpg

#2. Jeans is American’s favorite since 1873!!

#3. You will never go wrong with a black Turtle neck|900:auto&output-quality=90

#4. A very chic yet in a budget! Only need black midi dress, a long white jacket and sunglasses!!

#5. Every girls always fall in love with her hottest detail…a leopard print loafers!

#6. Statement shirt never go out of style! It’s cool!!

#7. Sheer oversized shirt and layered necklace simple but memorable

#8. Who said big grey sweater only for a granny?

#9. Never forget your sunglasses because it adds +100 points on your training outfit

#10. Running looks trendy with this double layer tank top and blue pants

11. A crop top never look boring with this patterned shawl

12. Looking sweet with a black tank top and ruffle mini skirt

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