TOP 12 Pictures of Being "Possessive" Has Gone Too Far

Buzzers, we all have this feeling of wanting and owning something that is only for us. Yes, it’s called being possessive and not all bad actually. But, if it’s gone too far and unreasonable like these people and animal below then you will see there is a very thin line about being possessive and crazy….check this out!

#1. When you be possessive  to create a trending topic in Social Media just like this man.

#2. A possessive mom and Quasimodo

#3. When your boyfriend refuse to go for a walk to that LV store

#4. This guy has his girlfriend on leash, I think that’s his way to avoid being single..

#5. Bad parenting or bad teenager?

#6. When you afraid your car will leave you while you sleeping..

#7. Just like a glue…

#8. This Clingy cat love to be hug while on a walk…

#9. When you are quite possessive about food…

#10. Possessive best friend can relate..

#11. When you can’t live without a phone..

#12. When your Cat being possessive about he plans to kill your best friend.

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