Top 12 Weirdest Sexy Cosplay That Ruin Our Childhood

Buzzers, have you ever gone to Comicon and then realize some cosplayers just break all the rules? Even today, it becomes a trend to do crossplay. Crossplayer is a person who dress as an opposite gender in a cosplay. The result is sexy with a hilarious and quirky touch…just like the ones below!

1. Voldemort

2. Sexy Gandalf

3. Sexy “The Mask”

4. Sexy Spongebob and Patrick

5. Venom has curve

6. Sexy bejita

7. Sexy Leia

8. Mai Shiranui street fighters

9. Goku

10. Obi wan or Leia?

11. Dr. Strange…really..

12. Sailor Jupiter

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