TOP 12 Witty Comics For Your Thursday Thoughts!!


Buzzers how your day going? Hang on, it’s only few more days to weekend!! To pump up your spirit, we have curated best comic for you! The comic that we featured today belongs to an artist named Cannibal Orange! You can follow the artist on Instagram @jdrift01 !! You can also support the artist on:


You will love his comic!! It is  witty but full of thoughts !! Are you ready? Check this one out below!!

1. Chocolate kills Dogs!

2. Sometimes we are busy chasing something not important.

3. Sums up every millennials babies

4. Even Zombies procrastinate

5. Sometimes we don’t appreciate the love from people that close to us…we look further but found nothing in the end.

6. If you ready to love then be ready to get hurt too…

7. With all smart gadgets and smart underwear this is advertising looks like in the future

8. Reality is sucks sometimes

9. How bad words affects people…

10. Entertainment nowadays…

11. It’s okay to be unique

12. Titty Ghost, have you ever haunted by it ?!!

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