TOP 15 Beautiful Images From Dia De Los Muertos 2018 !

Buzzers, have you ever heard Dias de Los Muertos or the Day of the Dead? This is a holiday and tradition of the Mexican people that celebrated on 31 October until 2 November every year.  During the celebration, family and friends gather together some with scary make up. They gather to remember the deceased family or friend, pray for them, and support their spiritual journey. The celebration consist of marigold altars, gifts for the dead and carnival parade. To know more check out these 15 beautiful images below;

1. Previously the day of the dead only celebrated in Northern Mexico. People didn’t know this tradition until 20th century when it began to spread.

2. Scholars trace back this tradition to indigenous Aztec festival dedicated to the Goddess mictecacihuatl.

3. Since it can trace back to the Aztec festival, people of the church rejected it as it considered combining pagans elements to catholic christianity.

4. The family and friends also visiting the cemetery to pray for the deceased.

5. They also bring gifts. The gifts usually favorite foods and beverages for the deceased.

6. Some visitors also bring the possessions belong to the deceased and will leave it on the grave.

7. They believe on 31 October that the spirit of dead children will come and visit the family, so they make the altars with marigolds.

8. November 1 believe to be all saints day where adults spirit will come to visit.

9. November two is called all souls day, on this day family goes to a cemetery to decorate the graves.

10. Families bought toys for the deceased children and bottles of tequila for adults, some even bring candies.

11. You will see a lot of marigolds decorated the altars. That is because Mexican believe that the smell and vibrant color will guide ancestors back to them.

12. The people in the town of Mitzquic and Patzcuaro will spend all nights beside the graves.

13. They also will bring pillow and blanket for the deceased so they can rest out.

14. Some families celebrate it by building altars in their home and wearing the clothes of the deceased.

15. Some also wear shells in their clothing so when they dance, the shells will make some noise that can wake up the dead.

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