TOP 15 Bizarre yet Funny Things You Will See At Hartjesdagen Zeedijk Festival !!

Buzzers, have ever go to Hartjesdagen Zeedijk festival in Amsterdam? If you haven’t gone there, your first visit would be full of bizarre yet funny things!! This festival is celebrated on third Monday of August and known as Day of Hearts! Previously it is a festival where children collected money and fires were kindled but now it becomes a cross-dressing festival. Like any other crossdressing festival women will dress as men and men dressed as women. If it doesn’t confuse you yet, well you will see they dress up as people from Victorian era, 70’s style, weird and funny costumes, and lots of vibrant colors. To see more about this festivals, below is the top 15 funny pictures that will make you laugh out loud and be happy!

#1. Have you ever heard Confidence is the key?

#2. When you run out money, you can hold on into creativity

#3. Don’t worry Cinderella, Your guardian angel has arrived…

#4. Ladies still wear that killer stilletto

#5. No one will stop him to drink more…at least for today

#6. The best feeling in the world is when you can love yourself unconditionally

#7. On this day a girl should not wait a prince, she is the prince lol

#8. Don’t know what is more entertaining…the old lady that casually risk her life or the writing “No Justin Bieber” on the window below

#9. I like her outfit…bling bling…

#10. The elephant passed out, too confusing for him

#11. Cutie pie…

#12. Look at those big balloons…lol

#13. These puffy hairstyle is popular during the festival

#14. Which one is your grandpa?

#15. Even when it’s raining, the fun still continue…

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