TOP 15 Clumsy Images Only Clumsy People Will Understand!!

Buzzers, there are many types of people in this world and one who get the most bad luck probably the Clumsy!! They are easy to get a spotlight, even most videos on youtube is full of clumsy people! Even if their clumsiness quite entertaining and mind blown but it’s kind of annoying for them. So, do you belong to the pack Buzzers? If you can relate with 8 or more from these 15 images…yes…you are the clumsy one! Don’t forget to follow our Pinterest &  Instagram @bazbuzz1 Buzzers!!

1. When you walk peacefully…suddenly this happens somehow..

2. Bruises and scratch are your medal of honor

3. Well suddenly everything appears so sudden…”The tree wasn’t there before” is clumsy people excuses

4. But I paid for the milk…everyday..

5. Clumsy people have magic…despite its condition the phone still works!

6. We need to tell people to not following us because we ran into everything…furniture, trees, even nothing!

7. #wine Crime Scene!

8. Well, legs broken but at least the ski board is fine..

9. This Plate just commits suicide…It chose to slip from my hand.

10. Please don’t ask why…

11. Always a spot on..

12. RIP

13. Self denial is part of our everyday’s life!

14. I just need a bit of pepper flake but my clumsy thumbs decide the otherwise…

15. At least she get an excuse to buy a new victoria secret underwear!!

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