TOP 15 Craziest Mistletoe Pictures That Is Full of Absurdity!!

Buzzers, if you are not a good kisser you need to beware! This festive season will be full of mistletoe hanging everywhere…!! Why should be this little leaves become so important? Well we can trace it back into ancient Greece. During that era, Mistletoe associated with fertility. In Saturnalia festivals and ancient Greece ceremonies, the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe was started. 

Mistletoe also represented as a symbol of peace during the Roman Era. So, will you kiss under the mistletoe Buzzers? Well before you start to kiss, take a look of this funniest yet craziest mistletoe kiss that are full of absurdity!

#1. Where will you hang your mistletoe?

#2. Single people has the best imagination during festive month!

#3. Beware…Santa will be a bit naughty this year!

#4. I wonder how many millennials that actually did this…

#5. This is when a mistletoe lose its charm…

#6. Long Distance Relationship make you more Creative…

#7. Wait for it eagerly…

#8. STAAHHPP !!!

#9. Do you dare to come to your enemies like this?

#10. A Subtle Hint..

#11. At least it’s a real toe

#12. When Hooman think A kiss under the mistletoe will make me forget that you late in serving Today’s Toona!!!!

#13. The Worry look you give when you feel unsure if someone will really kiss you…

#14. A Must Read Book during festive month! The novel is sizzling so it must be Hot!

#15. When you feel familiar with it..

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