TOP 15 Hilarious Street Wear You Should Never Ever Wear!!

Buzzers, fashion now has become a statement to show to the world about who we are. Even so, some people either have an eccentric personality or they are just totally weird?  I meet some of them when I walk around the street. They call it a fashionable street wear….but I call it ” A bizarre yet confusing style”.  So Buzzers, here is top 15 hilarious street wear that you should never ever wear!!

#1. When you are a 5 stars hotel concierge but also a carpenter?

#2. All is cool but I think he better wear a denim shorts

#3. I don’t think real women will pair the shoes, stockings and belt like that…try next time

#4. Your tinder date will be impressed and wonder if you just wake up then hanging around in your pajama or your profession is a plumber..

#5. He is confuse indeed…he don’t know whether to wear the underwear inside or outside! Oh wait!! what about those jeans?? and btw I wear sexy leather stocking so I want people to see it too..

#6. Boys will never grow up..

#7. Jesus will disapprove it…come on dude..Isn’t that jeans too tight? Not to forget those flashy red crocodile shoes???

#8. When someone make a cartoon sponge as his idol….my 6 years old cousin doesn’t even want to wear it!!

#9. Hummm why too many ropes?

#10. Are you serious girl???

#11. What a biggggggg………..eyes…

#12. Someone please tell this granny she already look fierce without even have to wear a leopard prints!!

#13. When you bought your pants in Japan and it has a little elephant trunk!! Psst I secretly want it too…you envy me bro!

#14. Someone still wear his daddy clothes!! Bad boy!!

#15. Okay women rule is I don’t care if you are doing zumba, yoga, or aerobic but the clothes you wear in that class should not be wear publicly like that!!

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