TOP 15 Questions You Probably Still Unsure About HIV Transmission and Post Infection (Part 1)

Buzzers HIV is a virus that attack our immune systems. With the spreading of unhealthy lifestyle such as a casual sex, drugs, stealthing trends in UK, and many more, it will be very helpful for you to understand more about this virus. Even though in most cases people get infected by HIV because of free sex, you can also get infected because of something else. So, here we try to answer top 15 questions about HIV which you might still unsure.

1. Can I get HIV by blood donor or organ transplant? 

The answer is yes, there is a few cases people get HIV because of blood donor and organ transplant.

But, the people with HIV can donate their organs or blood to patients with HIV positive according to HOPE ACT.×418

2. Can HIV spread through saliva or sweat from HIV positive person?

No, HIV only transmitted through certain body fluids such as blood, pre-cum, cum or semen, breast milk and vaginal fluids that have a contact through mucous membranes, wounds, or broken skin. So as long as the saliva or sweat is not mixed with bloods you are fine.

3. Can I get infected HIV because of kissing?

Well, a close mouth kissing is quite safe. But, if you kiss with open mouth such as french kiss you might get HIV virus if you and your partner have sores including sprue or herpes around mouth, and gum bleeding. But if your partner take antiretroviral (ART) regularly and always check the level of CD4 cells in his/her body with CD4 test, the chances of getting infected with HIV is very low.

4. Can I get HIV if I do body piercing or Tattoo?

It’s very rare case but there is a possibility you get infected by HIV if the equipment is not properly sterilized or using a reused needle and even a contaminated ink. So, always make sure the procedure is properly licensed.

5. Can I get HIV from beauty treatment such as manicure & pedicure or microblading / micro pigmentation?

Well, same as previous answer. It’s possible if previously the equipment has been used by HIV + person and not properly sterilized. But, this case is very rare.

6. Can I get HIV from food?

The answer is no, it’s safe to eat food that is prepared by HIV + person. Even if their small blood or semen contain in the food (well, it’s kinda gross), as long as the food cooked properly the heat will kill the virus. Your stomach acid also can destroy the virus. 

But, if you chew the food that has been chewed by HIV + person the case will be different. It may carry the virus if the food chewed by HIV + person is contaminated with blood from gum disease. The cases usually are among infants.

7. Can I get HIV by using drugs?

Yes, if you are a drug user who shared needle then you are at bigger risk to get HIV. Also, if you are a party goers who always include drugs in your way to have fun such as ecstasy, ketamine, GHB, and many more or even if you drunk too much until you pass out. The reason is not from the drugs itself but from engaging into an unprotected sex. You might not think clearly at that time and it’s very dangerous for yourself.

8. Can HIV transmitted from stealthing ?

Stealthing is a term for forced unprotected sex that is raising in London right now. So basically the man will take off their condoms secretly without their partner permission. This kind of unhealthy activity will give you a higher risk infected by HIV and also unplanned pregnancy. Sadly, many men still find this activity thrilling and worth to’s not guys and it’s a form of a passive sexual assault to woman!!

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