Top 15 Ridiculous Cats Who Live Their Life Like A Thug!

Hi Buzzers! Do you know why Cats have a long life? Well, probably the reason is because they live their life with no remorse even when their owner have been cat shaming them! Come what may…life should be thrilling, dangerous, and full of adventure!! Just like these top 15 ridiculous cats who live their life like a thug and risk their luck to be “homeless”…

1. When your cat think your caste is lower than them..” This Dobby will not be freed”

2. When your cat become your accountant : “Eating your tax refund check is a form of money laundering..”

3. When they want the latest fanciest iPhone

4. When your cat decide she should get a new house in Beverly Hills “I am going to burn this house..nyehehe”

5. “Scratching post?? How dare you give that peasant toy to me!! My nice claws need a high quality leather!!” #High maintenance cat…beware!!

6. When your cat didn’t agree to your taste in art : “Human why you need another fancy art? I am the most perfect art ever created in the whole universe”

7. When your cat knows marriage is a bad idea and he feels sorry for your taste of fashion…

8. “Hooman, I thought we have agree that you are my servant so no new shirt for you”

9. “Actually I am not jealous, I just introduce you to them as my pathetic maid”

10. “I already give you wireless headphones, now add more tuna for X-mas”

11. “Hooman, what for this cat shaming? $100 is nothing don’t act broke in front of me”

12. “I do it on purpose because I need only food from a capable nutritionist”

13. “I thought you need to taste my turd because you have to do me a health check up, you are my servant…remember?”

14. “Don’t cat shaming me…you are the one who get fatter because you become lazy to  walk to the store and buy me treats”

15. “What?? I hate a Wriggler”

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