TOP 15 Weirdest Pizza That Will Make Italians Go Crazy!!

Buzzers, what is your favorite pizza toppings? Most of us will say Ham, cheese, pepperoni and many more! In fact, People nowadays has a very creative way in spoiling their tongue and stomach. They are not afraid to try different taste even the most absurd ones!! But, Do you dare to try these 15 weirdest pizza toppings below? Or you have one as your favorite? Well, you can share in our facebook page @urbazbuzz! Happy Eating!!

#1. Hawaiian or Fruit Punch Pizza??

#2. The fruit which smell hated by almost the whole world plus pizza? Yes, it is Durian Pizza! Only the brave that can survive!!

#3. You think Pineapple on the Pizza is the worst thing ever? What about a pudding as a Pizza topping??

#4. Pizza is about perfection of fresh ingredients mixed with the crunchy dough. Definitely a frozen canned chick peas is a No way…

#5. Vegan surely has an appetite that is not from this world. Look at that beautiful pizza with fresh berries, blueberries, asparagus, beetroot, cauliflower??

#6. Broccoli and bell pepper….hmmm hope they will not charge it as if there’s a chicken hiding inside it.

#7. When you can’t decide if you want spaghetti or pizza so you torture the pizza by mixing it together with the spaghetti..

#8. Do you think pineapple on the pizza is a Horror?? Why don’t you try this pizza on the pineapple??

#9. Pickles and black pudding…wow…

#10. Vegan has a lot of fantasy! This cucumber onion pizza is one of them!

#11. Banana curry pizza? I will stick the chicken with the curry and not with the banana period!

#12. Strawberry pizza..this is how an Italian chef get a heart attack!

#13. Pizza that has changed its nationality!! This pizza contain beef patties, ketchup, pickles, mustards, and Colby jack cheese…looks pizza but taste like a cheeseburgers? Welcome to America!

#14. Chef in Japan seems confused…should they make salad or pizza??what’s the different from those two?

#15. There is a reason in Italian restaurant we found Pizza and Pasta, including Penne Pasta separated! Because they never ever meant to be together! But in LA they love to matchmaking this ingredients plus a third guy called Churritos, from its name its Mexican Corn chips!

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