TOP 15 Weirdest Things You Actually Can Buy In Chinese Walmart

Buzzers, Walmart has been around to supply our daily needs. This convenient store also expand to China. Even though you see less ridiculous people of Walmart like in US, but Walmart in China has something weird too. They sell some of the weird things, we even haven’t seen it before!!! So Buzzers, here is 15 weirdest things that you actually can buy in Chinese Walmart!

#1. Diet Water 

Some people really fall for it..

#2. Live Frogs

Just one word Ewww…

#3. Pig heads

This is totally a nightmare for me

#4. Alligator

I don’t think I have the balls to eat it…good they don’t sell it live …

#5. Starfish

To be honest I don’t know we can eat that…

#6. Shark

Because you are what you eat?

#7. Turtles

omg … Look it is trying to escape

#8. A real black skin chicken or Silkie Chicken

Not to be racist but black skin chicken considered high prized chicken in China. It flesh is also nearly black and believe to aid female sexuality…

#9. Piles of Chickens

Will you pick one from there, hun?

#10. Dried reptiles

ummm..okay I don’t feel hungry anymore

#11. Beef granules that looks more like a candy

Lucky that I can read its beef granules…

#12. Mini personal watermelon

To be honest I like the bigger one better…

#13. Water with a taste of meat

Why ? Can somebody explain?

#14. Squid

yes…it’s hanged like that

#15. Many varieties of eggs

I really need to bring my encyclopedia, just in case I choose a crocodile eggs and they don’t take a return and refund..

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