TOP 15 Worst Things People Do For Revenge!

Hi Buzzers!! What is scarier than a Lion? Well, I think if your partner know you have been cheating on them! Even though everything must be happened for a reason and it’s a good time to rethink about your relationship once again, some people just can’t forget the heartache! Of course there are people who believe in Karma but some people is “The Karma”! Did they stand up for themselves or they just gone to far? Well you decide by looking at these pictures below…

1. Your car in the danger !

2. The price for this range rover will go down..

3. Your beloved car will be a prisoner..

4. Blatantly share the act on Twitter…

5. When man best friend betrays you…

6. A nightmare for an IT guy who caught cheating by his Japanese girlfriend…well not all Japanese is cute apparently

7. Do charity with her stuff

8. This expensive billboard to announce you are broke!

9. When you want to embarrass your boyfriend in public but you still love him…

10. This gangsta girl who bring her squad to destroy his car

11. The love notes from a thoughtful girlfriend

12. Hack his Tinder profile

13. A message from the grave..

14. Whoops….that’s not a chocolate cake but a Poo Poo

15. To give him a note that you get angry because different reason and you are not “on period”..

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