TOP 20 Funniest Absurd Signs You Will Find in London!

Buzzers, We always get excited to explore a new city and get a new experience. But, what if we find something absurd yet amusing at the same time? Surely it will make us giggles! Just like when these travelers found an absurd yet hilarious sign in London! Here is the Top 20 you need to check out!!

1. Just STAHP!!

2. Who can relate?

3. Bank account is a good adviser of what you shouldn’t do !!

4. Somebody please answer

5. How Londoners start their 2018 !!

6. Londoners are forever alone…

7. Best relationship advice!

8. I drink on Thunday at 7 am!!

9. This is how I end up being a crazy cat lady…

10. I’ll go with pick me up bottle !

11. I will call monalisa if I am in London

12. The Zebra in London humped?

13. Seem the officers kinda have a bad

14. Now you know why many women are single??

15. How many slap I will get only by yelling this street’s name?

16. I don’t see you cumming..

17. Ghost sightings is real…

18. Give this man a trip to Caribbean..

19. Stay secret please and more roses..

20. In Clapham railway station, their appreciation going too far..

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