TOP 20 Funniest Homecoming Proposals That Are Never Fail!!

Buzzer’s do you have a memorable memory in Homecoming? How do you propose a girl or a guy for hoco is matters a lot before homecoming! If you lack of the idea you can choose from our 20 funniest proposal which never fail!

1. I didn’t chicken out…

2. When her buns goes through your heart..

3. One you taste it, you will love this weenie..

4. He will Highlight her prom night…

5. This kid has a sugar daddy gene..

6. Which one you will choose? Ride or Die?

7. What about my dress?

8. This guy goes all in…

9. When your boyfriend is taller than you…

10. This is why you need to have bromance

11. He is one of the odd fairy..

12. Kinda creepy..

13. Steak tonight?

14. I donut want to say no

15. My heart burn in fiya

16. But please don’t wear Yoga pants to prom

17. Legend says this man died because a girl stolen his heart…

18. Marry a girl with this sense of humour

19. The literal meaning of your girl ask you to go down low…

20. How long is your anaconda?

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