TOP 20 Funny Pictures When Peta Protesters Is Too Sexy To Handle!

Buzzers, care for the sustainability of other living being such as animals are a good thing to do. No animals are worth dying in a cruel way especially if it will make them goes extinct in the future.  Peta has been around for years to create a change in how we treat animals in more humane way, but lately their campaigns create a debate. One of it is the use of sex symbols to create awareness.

Women bare their skin and carry signs from being vegans, stop bull fightings, and many more. It is a great message, their supporters are also dedicated to stand out in the crowd with mini clothes or bikini in a snowy days for one hour. We need to appreciate that but even though it becomes Viral, don’t you think it is better to wear proper clothes and spread the message for as many hours as possible? Because in 1 hour probably only 10 people or so who will engage in the campaign. While adding few more hours could reach more people? 

It also create another question, do women really need to get naked for their voice to be heard? This kind of view can really damage our social system and also the future of our daughters. Well, Buzzers the choice is yours. 





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