TOP 20 Images Shows Sleeping Cats Are Weirdos!

Buzzers, Cats are another “unexplained” living thing in the world after women! They seems to live by their own rule, but do their mystery and weirdness stop when they fell asleep? Of course Not! Cats are weirdos and they proud of it even when they are sleeping! Here is the top 20 images that will make us chuckle!

1. When your cat was a Monk in previous life

2. When you want to waste that Nine Lives!

3. When your cat is a headless prick …

4. How to know your cat is a programmer…

5. It has been a rough day at the office…

6. When your cat is a Peeping Tom

7. When his job as a director has done…

8. He falls in love with the fax machine all day long

9. What we all do if the teacher starts explaining “Math”…

10. When suddenly you forget the reason why you should break into someone’s house…

11. Falling asleep after watching the match be like…

12. When your cat pretend to sleep but try to seduce you..

13. It’s very comfortable..

14. To be one with the stairs, you should be one with the stairs, sleep on it, molded by it..

15. You know your cat has given up life if he started to sleep like this!

16. The guardians of The Watermelon..

17. When its Monday and wake up seems to be the hardest thing..

18. When you love your food so much

19. When love has no boundaries..

20. When your cat is a bully, he will make sleeping time a nightmare..

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