TOP 20 Oktoberfest Moments When Craziest Party Gone Wild!!

Buzzers, Oktoberfest has become a festival that celebrated worldwide. This festivals has been an important part of Bavarian Culture. There are also various food stalls, attractions, and games. But, the most popular of course the large amount of Oktoberfest beer. Roughly there is 7.7 million litres of beers served. 

Well, there is a thin line between enjoying the event and make it as an excuse for your alcoholic problems. Just like these 20 moments that show Oktoberfest is totally gone wrong!! Besides the excitement and euphoria of the festivals, you will also see a lot of people passed out, make out, raped, or just took a piss on the street. Ouch!! Always remember to drink responsibly Buzzers or drink milk if you don’t want to end like the people below!!

1. You know things get serious when you drink beer without a pants!!

2. Well, well…well

3. The street suddenly become a public toilet…


4. Beautiful fraulein transform into crazy drunk ladies who puke everywhere…


5. Such a sightseeing…


6. Great armor suit and it protects you from drunk people there

7. How Love at first sight happens after great amount of beers

8. Get a room??

9. Another criminal spotted in this festivals…always be alert girls!!

10. It feels funny until your boyfriend see it. No, it was a mistake girls!!,w=720,q=low,c=0.bild.jpg

11. The grass looks like it is a comfy bed

12. We need a fashion police in this event…

13. Poor baby…please never neglect your kid for alcohol…

14. He is about to get scammed !!

15. Beautiful frauleins I have seen the whole day after 20 glass of beers

16. I am not drunk…see I can stand straight…

17. You know you need to go home when you drink your own puke

18. Must save the least…

19. Will just took a piss here…it looks hygenic

20. Fallen soldiers among guys who watering the trees with a piss….can we consider this nature abuse?

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