Top 20 Things that Only Exist in Japan!!

1. World’s Shortest Escalator

Yes, Buzzers!! Japanese seems to break all the common rules lol even for an escalator! The world’s shortest escalator is in More’s Department Store and listed in The Guinness World of Book Record. It is 32.8 inches high with only 5 steps!

2. Ponshukan !!

If you are Sake lovers surely ponshukan is a heaven for you! Japanese known for its vending machine and ponshukan is a new way to get drunk while standing Lol. Ponshukan is a Sake vending machine in Japan that offers 91 types of Sake!!

3. Blue Traffic Lights!

When you travel to Japan for the first time  don’t wait the traffic light turn to green to go since it means you will wait “FOREVAaa”. Here Green is Blue…blue is green! Confuse? Well, hundred years ago Japanese only know words for four basic colors Black, White, Red and Blue. Green itself is considered as the shade of blue.

4. Mr. Kanso, a bar like no other

Mr. Kanso is actually a bar that serve Japanese sake and the most popular is….their abundant selections of canned food!! Well, not only a regular selection of Japanese food but also weird menu such as “Sea Lion Curry” and “Korean Silkworms Chrysalis”…

5. Bathroom with SmartButtons!

Well, if you visit Japan for the first time you will be shocked since everything seems to have lots of buttons. From Toilet seat, bath tub, and your bathroom even smarter than you HAa!! Bathroom in Japan usually comes with a control system. A dry button has a function to dry your clothes so your clothes won’t smell like ash or dust from outside!

6. Kawaii Construction Barriers

Japanese is a Kawaii (Cute) heaven and it goes to a certain extent even in their construction barriers! You will see a cute panda, giraffes, and rabbit decorated the barriers…safety and cuteness is number one in Japan!

7. Be Proud of Your Penis in Kanamara Festival

Not to be sexist Buzzers but it is what it is! Besides the blooming of sakura in Japan, the penis also bloom in  Kanamara festival. Kanamara festival is a Shinto fertility festivals. During this event, all penis shaped things including lollies are everywhereeee…..

8. Dine in with Plush Toys

A cafe in Japan named Moomin Cafe offers to their “lonely” visitor a plush toy, Moomin. So, the plush toy will sit with you and accompany you until you finish your meals. Now you don’t have to combat loneliness alone!

9. Koi & Carp Fish Has to Work in Japan

There is a village in Japan named “Village of living water”. The citizen has a kabata, a separated room from the main house to do daily chores. Kabata has carp fish inside it so everytime someone wash the dishes the fish will eat the remaining food. As the result the water will flow crystal clear. If you saw a Koi in drainage canal in Japan well Koi is also a carp fish so it has the same work as other carp fish; to clean the water!!

10. Refrigerator in the shopping centre

In Japan you can put your groceries in a free refrigerated lockers to keep it stay fresh! Just in case you have decided to shop till you drop than cooking your husband’s meals!

11. Baby Seats!

Baby seat is not something new…but baby seat in a bathroom?!! That’s what I call an invention!!

12. No need to Knock Toilet’s door!

Sometimes we wonder if the toilet is in use or not so we knock it! Well, say goodbye to this barbarians and cave men way to check whether the toilet is vacant or not! In Japan the bathroom in public area has a systems which display which toilet is vacant and which is not!

13. Stair’s Sign!

Be aware of stairs in Japan. Look closely..they have “Up” sign and “Down” sign. So whether you want to go up or go down the stairs…always follow the signs and that way you are 100% Japanese! Japanese is always discipline!

14. Customer Satisfactory to The Max

In Japan customer is King, they will try to make their customers as comfortable as possible. From street store that give you a beer with light food called ootoshi, the sales girls who always smile and bow, a gum with paper inside to throw the gum after you chew, and department store elevator attendants.

15. Automatic Door in a Taxi

The taxi in Japan has a door that will open by itself…yes it’s an automatic door buzzers not a Ghost lol! So, if you visit Japan and your taxi’s door open by itself…do not runaway from it!!

16. OCD dispenser pack

The dispenser pack in Japan is cool though. It has a thin incision so you can take out the thing inside without mixing them together…kinda feel a bit of OCD going on here…I can get now a satisfaction…lol

17. Free Tissue on the Street!

People will handed free tissue on the street as a part of their marketing strategy! Inside the tissue you will find a nice info about their products which is not tissues of course. There is two advantages here: 1. The company can reach a wide  target market, 2. The customers will be happy since the sales girl are not chasing them with flyers so they open to hear more about the product!! Nice nice!

18. Silky Tissue is a Big Hit!

The company advertised this tissue as soft as silk! It is also named “Excellent Nose Celeb” and many people get addicted to using this tissue.

19. Independent Children

Children in Japan is very independent! In the age of 6 they will go to school alone by taking buses or walking. In school they also cleaning the classroom themselves as an expression of gratitude.

20. Secret Parking Lot

Japanese doesn’t have a lot of space for parking lot and the solution is automated multi-story parking space. The machine will automatically bring your car to a multi level parking garage and stack your car there. This facilities can carry automobiles up and down at speeds of over 100 meters per minute.

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