TOP 20+ Things That Weirdest Single People Do!!

Buzzers, people are weird but not as weird as single people! Their weirdness have reached an ultra level. Leaving alone in a isolation of a “single” status will make people get too comfy about themselves! Also, not to forget they tend to have a wild yet vivid imagination of being in a “relationship”. If you want to know whether your friends single or not then check these pictures below! If they do one weirdest things from these 20 pictures…then yes they are single! Go get them someone!

1. Pizza is love

2. Holding your feet because you are an independent woman and love yourself…

3. A sweet couple is “imaginary”.

4. Do a self service everytime you get a chance…

5. Invisible hands…

6. Travel to Paris and about to sue the city because it is not a ” Single-friendly” city…couples everywhereee

7. Hug a ghost girlfriend..

8. Create a record in sales on single day and buy a gifts for yourself

9. Reach for a help….on twitter

10. Give a Hint that you a Cruella De Ville kind of type..

11. Google your symptoms and found out that you are disable.

12. Posting a picture from your imagination …

13. Spend your days with Vodka because Vodka don’t lie

14. French fries suddenly is  an ultimate companion

15. When you try to get that warm feelings…mostly single people will do this weird things

16. Guys…wait a minute…Beers…definitely

17. Act cool in an engagement day

18. Pretend not to see anything everywhere you go…

19. Busy at the gym to suppress that reproduction  hormones

20. Brag to your friend you met a girl that soon to be your wife but actually it’s just a mannequin ..

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