Top 20 Worst Things Flight Attendants Found On Airplane!!

Buzzers, how was your long New Years holiday?  If you spent it in a deserted island or new towns, well good for you! Don’t forget that  every great story should ended! Now it’s time to face reality and back to work! If you hop on that plane, please be kind to the flights attendants since you have no idea what they were going through! If you think flights attendants are lucky and an easy job, your mind will change after you see our top 20 weirdest things that were found on a plane!! These top 20 pictures below might be funny and make you laugh but also will make you stay on land a bit longer!

#1. Yes…it’s a poo poo

#2. For the record if you think first class is where all the gentlemen gather in a flight, think again….since that’s a T-bone steak hide in the seat back pocket!!

#3. Someone do the laundry in the galley

#4. Coke zero with urine inside

#5. How creative … I wonder how they manage to do it…yes it’s urine!

#6. Somebody let loose his wild upper teeth!

#7. Dirty diapers in a clean glass…yuck!

#8. Oh…Hello George! This monkey fortunate enough to get more peanuts in a plane..

#9. This ugly ducklings could be a swan princess that get cursed!

#10. What’s the purpose of a bra if you free the nippies? Maybe you hang it there so we can guess your size!

#11. Cable Geeks…cable geeks everywhere

#12. Dirty toilet papers because throw it to the bin are just a very hard thing to do!

#13. Somebody brings extra passenger without paying for her seat …ugh and yes it’s an inflatable sexy dolls!

#14. A poo poo and ….. What’s that white thing?

#15. A stack of newspapers!!

#16. Seriously mate? a gum? Are you 8 years old?

#17. Banana….Nana…Nana..Nana…

#18. Clipped nails in a coffee cup because you need that part of you get swallowed too…

#19. It seems to be an engagement ring?

#20. This is when a tarantula spider tried to hijack the airplane…

#21. Someone get a haircut on a plane!

#22. Somebody think Chucky the cursed doll is cute….that’s where you made a mistake!

#23. When you want to give that grey area a summer breeze on a plane but forgot your underwear when landing…

#24. Kangaroo an indigenous animal from Autralia is someone emotional support pet today!

#25. Ewww….someone was rocking the plane! Please note passenger the plane was not a hotel!

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