TOP 25 Funniest Christmas Fails That Put You in Naughty List !!

Buzzers December is a festive month with Christmas decorations beautify the city and homes. But, some people just have a bad taste or they are just anti mainstream! These Top 25 christmas photos will prove that some people are just a prankster, they will make this holy month become the funniest Christmas fails ever!! 

1. Look I found Ho Ho Ho

2. Whoops…Santa is a SWAG!

3. Someone ask for big butts…

4. Christmas this year will be hot..

5. Bread Tree…

6. When your bells not an English native

7. It’s a long dark chocolate…

8. There is always that one person who decorated palm trees like this

9. When they found out…

10. This kid has seen too much..

11. Only for the brave…

12. How to know if Allison is adopted…

13. This cookie seems to know what you did last night

14. Every Dad #canrelate

15. Kissing balls for $29.99 no discount!

16. When Santa is too old..

17. During Holy month put your Instagram profile on private mode..

18. Greetings card gone wrong…

19. You know where Lucifer now×1024.jpeg

20. That ugly sweater tho…

21. When you just get diagnosed with bipolar disorder…

22. Who is the culprit?

23. Uh Oh…somebody try to give a hint at least

24. What you want for Christmas….

25. How to know your neighbor is a psychopath

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TOP 25 Funniest Christmas Fails That Put You in Naughty List !!